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Humanitarian aid to Gaza

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Assalaamu Alaikum

Dear Brother / Sister,

As all the world is aware that in Gaza, where 60 percent of the population lives under the poverty line, thousands of people lack homes because of the illegal Israeli embargo. Residents of about 4,000 houses that were destroyed in the latest Israeli offensive are living in tents or with their relatives, because the import of construction materials into Gaza is not allowed. There is also a shortage of urgently needed medicines due to the border restrictions. Many patients either become crippled or die due to a lack of adequate medication and medical equipment.

And now, IHH is in preparation to carry urgent needs to Gaza people through an International Aid Flotilla which is the largest flotilla ever to Gaza. As it is responsibility of all human being to help the people in need or difficulty, IHH reiterating our call for co-operation and support by taking part in this massive campaign to show the solidarity to the Palestinian people.

There are many ways that you can be a part. You can support the campaign on your website using the banners already available in English and Arabic on our website http://www.ihh.org.tr/filistin, you can get it from there as our partner organization Khubaib Foundation in Pakistan has done; http://www.khubaib.org

You can as well send a detail email to all your friends as Khubaib Foundation in Pakistan has done (The email is attached herewith)

If you need any material to support the campaign on your website, either you can get them from our website or ask us directly at filo@ihh.org.tr or nalandal@ihh.org.tr

We are always pleased to work with you.

Best regards

Faruk Aktas

فاروق اكتاش

Asia Desk

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